15 Old but Updated Roads of Making Money Online

Not all of us want to drive for uber nor excited on the idea of trading your valuables for money.

But if you are a student or full time employee  who could use a little extra cash you’re probably looking some ways to make money on the side.

We know you’re looking for these opportunities that’s why we compiled this 16 ways to make money online at your comfort zone.

1.Socialbiz connect

Get invited by a member of the group and start earning by inviting someone,advertising your own products and clicking on advertisements.

It’s free to join here:www.socialbizconnect


Is a bitcoin PTC website for clients to earn by clicking ads as well as making campaigns to promote their sites or products related to bitcoin.

How to earn from it

  • Just like public likes you earn by viewing the advertiser’s web page
  • To start,go to the ads page where the ads will be placed.Remember the pay will vary with the total time you spend in the page
  • Begin viewing an ad by clicking on a link then watch the ad till the timer ends.
  • After it ends a captcha will load ,solve to prove you’re not a robot

After that you would have won your price its that simple and easy.

Join here for free:Create your account


If you are a good writer or social media user why don’t you try out bitlanders.

It’s a social platform  where users are rewarded for their content and social media leadership.

You can earn money from your content or through a chat system provided by them by just answering MCQs or playing games provided by them.

You can withdraw from 10 dollars using payza or PayPal.

Its free to join (you need not to spend a penny to join but spend sime time in it).Why not give it a try:Create or login into your account


Just create an Instagram account or if you have start.

After owning an account;

  • Decide on a niche.Comedy,food,gym etc.
  • Get a eye staring name
  • Sign up
  • Upload niche related pictures everyday
  • Start following,commenting and liking others for you to gain fame.

When famous

  1. You can start selling your products on the account
  2. Grow your email lists and so many other things.

If you would like to grow your traffic read this:How to gain a massive traffic on instagram


Take photos and sell them through these two ways

1.Through your own website

Create a free wordpress website and publish your posts in it .There are free themes you can use to smarten your website.If you can’t by this go to option 2.

2.Sell through a third party website.

The best way  to stock your photos is by using a third party Microsoft website such as :istockphoto,dreamstime,123RF

The problem is that you have to pay some royalties for you to be allowed to do so.


Good news to those with hobbies and would like to earn passive income from it ,Fiverr is your best platform.

Being the largest market place for people to sell their small services (gigs)from video pranks to social media poisting.

The default amount is $5 but you can attach extra gigs to earn more from it.

Its free to join why not try it:Join fiverr with facebook or google


Begun in the year 2005 just like public likes you can earn from it .Let’s see how to get the rewards.

  1. Shopping via their sites
  2. Watching videos
  3. Playing games
  4. Taking surveys
  5. Using their searchengine instead of google
  6. Printing grocery store coupons

I think you can earn from it why not sign up:Create your account

8.Affiliate marketing

You can start marketing and selling other peoples products online and get some percentage from the sales.

You have to get some content about this as you get as much as you work hard.Averagely one earns $800 monthly.

Most paying sites are:clickbank.com and Amazon affliate program.

You can start by not paying anything or start by making ads and sell traffic.

Join Jumia affliate program for free or Kilimall affliate for free

9.You tube

Create a YouTube account and post your videos and get paid through AdSense.

After creating so many videos its advisable to join the YouTube partner program this will monetize your channel and get paid through the various you tube advertisements.

If you have some videos why not share them:-






It’s free and fair, just creating your own blog and writing things that interest you and earning through affiliate links,Google Adsense etc.

Report here:How to create a blog and make $ 10,000 monthly


Filling survey forms at your own free time ,making £3($5) in few minutes per survey isn’t that simple.

Why don’t you check this out.

Some of the online research companies include:My survey,vivatic,Valued opinions,MintVine,iPoll etc

12.Logo design

Need free money without artistical art why not try to design logos  by just entering as many competitions as you can.

Need to know this as you start

  1. Tools
  2. How to create a logo (search on google)
  3. Inspiration sites eg pinterest
  4. Start competiting at upwork or 99 designs


Are you a writer why not sell your own book online by using Amazon kindle fire and get almost 70% of the sales

Read more:How to publish your article,books and sell at kindles @ $100+


Do you love writing?

Record or write a valuable course and sell it

Sites like Udemy connect people and experts on it get close to  $8000.

Once ready start selling on:Make money doing what you love

15.Selling handmade goods

Are you good in drawing arts or crafts such as knitting,pottery, carpentry or any of  the home science stuffs?Why not prepare your goods and sell them through Etsy.com or ArtFire.com.They are dedicated to matching artists and customers who value and appreciate their handmade goods and buy them.

16.Buy and sell domains

You have to think of the future names that will be valid and create them to be bought by website owners.

15.Head hunter

Just by finding good employers for a company you get paid.You need no books to do this.

Just find a niche you are passionate about,research,write a letter to an organisation to be allowed to do so,put it online and link the two parties.That’s it what else do you need?

Its free to joplatform:head hunter platform


Don’t plan of beginning any of the above tomorrow.The earlier the better.

Don’t give up when things are not as you expected solve the problem because that’s the rule of the game.

Join now and let’s meet in the next phase.



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