A Step-by-step Guide To Affiliate Marketing for crunchy Beginners

You’ve heard of Amazon,ebay,clickbank,Alibaba,jumia,killimall Affiliate marketing right?


Referring someone to an online product when the person buys the product best on your recommendation you receive a commission is your dream,right?
By the way it’s just about revenue sharing and the commission varies from $1-$100,000 depending on products you promote.

Let’s escalate from senior to junior :how to get started,deeper dive into affliate marketing,most popular and paying affiliate networks ,mistakes to avoid , working strategies and advertising platforms for affliate marketers.


  • Affiliate marketing – it’s just getting rewards from a business from promoting and selling of it’s products.

Wikipedia reveals 4 core players the merchant, the network,the publisher and the customer.Let’s take a dive into the 4:

The merchant – (also referred to as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’).This is the party that creates a product it’s either an individual or a company.

  • The network – this is a platform that offers a variety of products for affiliates to choose and also takes care of their payments.A good example is clickbank
  • The publisher – (commonly referred to as affliate ).These are affiliates who are using affiliate program links to promote and make sales.It can be you,me or we as a company.
  • The customer – one who buys the promoted products.

This is how it is represented diagrammatically

Have you ever thought of being a merchant?Instead of earning commissions you be giving commissions.This dream can come true by these 5 hacks.

First you need a product idea .

Ideas are easy.You need not  to be super original .Find a product you’re familiar with and think of improving it to solve human stay on earth.

Second choose your well familiarised niche

Engaging in your well deserved niche gives you a high frequency chance to identify what is missing and boosts your thinking capacity of improving that niche.

Third validate your ideas

For you not to offer free services or products validate your ideas.

How? By making people to pay for it

Where can you get these people? Easy

Take your URL and plug it a tool called SEMrush

Read more:40 ways to using semrush

Fourth create your product 

It’s  easy to create your products, not physical but digital products get started by reading these:



How to prepare and sell e-books to $100,000

Once you have the products ready deliver to your network for affiliates to find them.

Fifth find the  networks

This tech part has been made easy for you by the availability of the following tools Gumroad or Digital Product Delivery.You can now easily set up affiliate Program and let affiliates pay themselves their commission.

However you could start a journey on the other side and only be an affiliate marketer.

4 ways to be an online affliate marketer

First you need to start taking another look of products at your niche:this can be done on you tube,a blog or even a live stream periscope.

Second you need to post regularly : so as to engage with your audience and gain popularity on social media.

Third you can use joint venture webinar to make more sales for a short time.

Once you become a successful affliater you can scale your growth with pay per click advertisement

Get these two important rules for you to ride on eagles wings as an affliate:Pat Flynn uses these two to make $100,000 monthly

  • Always recommend products as an affiliate that you are familiar with
  • Never directly tell anyone to buy a product

2 Mistakes you should avoid as a new affiliate.

1.Selling rather than helping

Help customers by reviewing products instead of selling if you want to see them again and again.This is always the primary reason why you see Amazon reviews are always great as people always need advice either to buy or not.

2.Not testing

Always be in the buyers shoes and test products before marketing

Having obtained full knowledge of who an affiliate is let’s get to learn well paying networks


It offers a variety of services from advice in getting shape to health cooking recipes and dating advice,it also delivers digital products in 190 countries.

As an affiliate this is one of the best platform, you can make up to 75% commission.

Having more than tens of thousands products , you choosing  to get paid as often as weekly,being allowed to join venture partners to increase your earnings,having advanced reporting on your dashboard,what are you waiting for?create your account today !

Read more:the pros and cons of click bank to an affliate marketer

This needs no introduction.Amazon.com is the largest ecommerce platform in America which offers a variety of products to affiliates through its network called Amazon affiliate program.If interested why not create your account for free

Get more insight:How to be successful with the Amazon Associates Affliate Program

This might be a surprise to you as many marketers do not know of ebay’s patner network which began 20 years ago,it provides first class tools,tracking and reporting and a double commission in your first three months.Join ebay network for free

Formerly buy.com.This known toddler has grown to a monster and it’s among the top three ecommerce websites with over 90,000 products from 38,500 shop owners and more than 18 million loyal customers.Why not  join the few but earning marketers

Formerly known as commission junction,cj affliate by conversant reaches millions of consumers through their network and are peviliged to working with companies such as Dotomi,mediaplex,valueclickmedia etc.Hey!its free to join here

ShareAsale has been doing great work as an exclusive affliate for the last 15 years and through its good reputation as a fair and honest business makes me think you should join as an affliate

Ranked the eighth overall in the revenue+performance top 20 Affliate Network 2015 survey by blue book with over 10+ years in the affliate program industry it has build mutual profitable relationship between strategic,skilled and trustworthy online publishers and a robust population of 5000+ advertisers.What can stop you from signing up either as a publisher advertiser or technology.

Avantlink is the industry- leading  tech platform for affliate referrals.It burns the midnight oil to constantly upgrade and update their site by rapidly implementing their new tools and technology,and unyielding emphasis on quality over quantity.Become part of the great team

Are you a company selling digital products online,RevenueWire is your best platform for you.Combined with industry – leading services like Affliate wire their ecommerce platform is a player in more than 120 countries and would like you to join them

Alibaba.com being a trusted affliate network in the industry with 17 years of experience and it’s first affliate gets exclusive commissions up to $7  what are you waiting for to sign up

And so much more.So which one can I choose?It’s easy.

The one that you are most familiar with.You could also avoid the listed above and take one that’s in your country like in Kenya we have Jumia affliate program ,Kilimall affiliate program ,Kaymu affliate program etc so choose what you like promoting and let it promote your pays.

Q:What are some of the affliate networks in your country?

What platforms can I use to promote sales as an affliate marketer?

There is no need to worry much sign up as an affliate,copy the link builders and paste on your  Facebook timeline as new status,twitter as a new tweet,Instagram as a new post ,you tube channel or if you have a blog place the URLs there but if you have not create your free blog today.

NB:I hope it has been helping.



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