6 AI skills Needed  to Gear  from Amateur to Pro in Affiliate Marketing

Increasing your revenue as an affliate marketer is your dream,right?

You’ve thought of joining a variety of affliate programs to earn much,but it has mounted to nothing. You’ve  read various websites but no hand-catching income has come your way and almost lost some $200 subscribing for a scheme course,right?

You’ve been baffled by many bloggers (how I made 40,000 dollars in one month) but nothing to show so far.

 So let’s dust our feet off these myths in Egypt before we exodize farther to Canaan

1.Generating income as an affliate marketer is easy – there is nothing that happens easily in life and affliate marketing is not an exception.You need to extremely work hard.I know those convectional bloggers convince you the other way  reason:they are trying to make money from false hopes.

2.Generating revenue in affliate marketing is a stones throw away after creating an affliate account – this used to be in the past but due to increased marketers and  millions trying to be an online entrepreneur including me its ‘diamond structured’.

If its hard then what should I do?

1.Work hard – don’t try to be smart just keep working .The founder of problogger Darren Rowse took  5 years working 80-100 hours weekly yet this blog wasn’t making any cash but eight years later he began making $100,000 monthly as shown below .

What he is enjoying now is the fruits if his hard work and pat Flynn founder of smart passive income always says,”It is difficult to make more money online as an affliate more than it is thought”.

2.Be patient-nothing online happens in an overnight unless you are a guru but how long did you crawl before rising to a guru. Flynn an online guru took almost a year before making something worth to sustain his family,what about you who has been an affliate marketer for 3 months,6 months or 10 months and wants to quite?Quitting is not the solution but working harder and harder and harder,it is.

3.Let your adverts solve human problems  money is only a reward after satisfying or making one comfortable,and that’s what I believe.Though I don’t get any revenues yet I want to create a helpful online enterprise to online entrepreneurs and the rewards will follow at the end,that’s what I know..Try to make your adverts as eye-catching as possible and let it be solving one’s problem.

4.Advertise to the right audience – this plays a key role in advertising.The best way I can advise you is to join relevant groups on social media.Make sure what you post is the best option from the rest.

5.Create engaging posts – you have to be a frequenter in social media.Everything that is worth commenting or liking be the first to do so to gain fame .After you are used to people will buy from your affiliate links only to become associated by you.

6.Get insights from successful online entrepreneurs – for you to go far you must be on others shoulders get their stories , work on their challenges and build on their failures.Some of the successful websites to follow include:

1.Smart passive income-founded by pat Flynn in 2008 it’s there to help you grow your online businesses.

2.Neil Patel blog-founded by Neil Patel who has been able to make over $3000000 in less than 6 years just doing what you are passionate about.

3.Shoutmeloud-founded by Harsh Agrawal a software developer he is there to help you make the most out of your online entrepreneurship

4.johnchow.com-founded by john chow who is also a member of the yodaddy he teaches you how he came to make $40,000  monthly in 2 years.

5.finchsells-if you are ready to promote your adverts instead of a free plan then this is a site to visit as it teaches you from A-Z on how it is done.

6.AM navigator-if you want to management skills from trends,stats,products review etc why don’t you visit this site.It offers an affliate marketer managent through its interviews from managers.

7.clicknewz-founder Lynn Terry a professional blogger more than 18 years gives amicable blogging tips and Affliate marketing tips don’t miss out.

8.Affliate.com-Shawn Collins,the writerof this blog is an industry expert and co-founder of one of the leading conferences for affliate marketing-the affiliate summit.As an affiliate you know what you expect from such guys.

In conclusion

Take the challenge affliate marketing is not easy and work to make it easy,hear from failures of online gurus and turn their shame to fame.Struggle to solve human problems and your financial problem will be solved.

NB:I hope it has helped,if not feel free to pinpoint the mistakes to cut off fake bloggers.


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