Standing on Others Shoulders is the gateway to Making Traffic

Living in a digital century where every tom,dick and harry is looking forward for a lucrative job-blogging

It has become more difficult than ever to earn a penny blogging.Many dying of frustrations after a month of struggles and failures others continuous failing but keep moving  with ‘ Better die trying ‘in mind and others wishing to start blogging after being baffled by websites making $30000+ monthly,what brings the difference between the entrepreneurs is time.

After going through same frustrations for one month or so,I compiled a list for you that made me releaved.

1.Shoutmeloud-founded by Harsh Agrawal in 2008 and with almost 1,000,000 subscribers it teaches about how to make money online,how can I quit my business and be my own boss,how to create an authority website and establish yourself offline and online entrepreneurs  etc.

It primarily focuses on blogging,making money online,SEO business blogging,social media,WordPress and .org,affiliate marketing,various internet tools and everything related to internet marketing.

2.quicksprout-Do you want more traffic ?quicksprout is the best platform for you as it shows you what improvements are important for your website to grow by making human decisions, alerting  you of important messages etc.It also helps you learn what,why and how while growing your blog.

3.smartpassiveincome-have you ever thought of giving up after writing great content yet no or less views,well,get your back-up wheel here.I was about to give up when I came across a quote ‘online business is not easy you need to work hard’from Pat Flynn,founder of smart passive income.He teaches proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income.Hurry up here’s waiting you on the other side.

4.problogger-Do you want to learn the skills of blogging ,share your own blogging experience or promote your blogging medium?Do you like to earn blogging from old gurus then you are in the right place.Darren Rowse the founder has written 8000 articles since 2004 and is waiting for you on the other side.

5.clicknewz-Do you need to manage your Affliate subscriptions in your blog like a pro or do you want to get more revenue as an affliate marketer then Lynn Terry is the best mom for you.She teaches you have to be smart as she has been in the industry for more than 17 years.Check her blog for more updates.

6.Neilpatel-Do you need more traffic?that’s the first question in his blog.He teaches you to never run out of ideas ,SEO plugins,how he generated  195,013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on Ads,how to socialize your blog etc.Get to know more from him.

7.Copyblogger-without content you can never retain visitors to your site and that’s why I have recommended copy blogger as it teaches you how to create killer online content that drives attention,drives traffic,and builds your business.

8.Smartblogger-Do you want to land book deals,launch online business,attract high paying clients,become recognized thought leaders…etc then this is your site.Learn more from them


What I have written is what helped me.If you have any other feel free to share.



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