Make money online:How to make money from instagram

Having considered earning 💰 online via blogging or ebooks as a hard task i bet not as  instagram.

You understand that building  a following and then running ads to sell your products is a great way to generate income…What a second thought…reach and influence.

Allow me to share 3 inspiring stories of people who made money on Instagram.

Mwazighe Malemba,a student at Multimedia university studying journalism and public relations makes around sh.30,000 a month just on campaigns and adverts.

Teddy Mbeya a film producer makes sh.40,000 through advertisements and has once  been honoured as the best promoter by Mwakafa awards.

Adam Maina,21 years old gets paid ksh.100,000 by brands and personalities to come up with and execute social media campaigns for their products ,services and events.He has worked with various brands including:infinix kenya,Kenya Tourism Board,Sportpesa and mcheza.
So see how they do it,

What do I need?

Do you have an account? Do you know how to navigate it?Do you have followers?If you Do you have an idea to sell?Do you know how to promote posts(both affiliate and sponsored posts)?Can you sell your account at a fee?.

The primary thing I need,you need is  an account.If you have an account no need to worry ,allow me to help those without create their own.

If you have no account go to:

==> and login if by filling the required fields(email,name,password and even phone number).I hope you’re through,let’s now join the rest.

Do youKnow how to navigate it?

If you are an often Instagram user then skip  this section as it is for the newbies.

Having an account does not guarantee you to earning, reason: there are more than 700 million active  users but none of them earns apart from a few who do the following:

Know how your Instagram account performs for without the knowledge it will be as good as dead.

How can I know to nagivate my Instagram account?you have to regularly be using it just like other social media platforms are.After knowing to captain your account you need to know how to increase followers and that’s what we want to discuss in the next section.

Do you have followers.

If you are satisfied by your following skip this section.

Followers create your niche.The more followers you have the higher your chances of making great passive income is!But if you have little or no followers for those who have recently created their accounts no problem.Learn how to increase people following you?

But before we dive deeper,I hope you have a stunning bio(you have a link website linking to your profile and a description of your conten. Let’s catch a glimpse at luvvies account  to understand better

),you have a story ,and a relevant  niche to tell, consistent,authentic, goal oriented and understand that it isn’t easy to make followers on Instagram.You need to struggle your way.On the this section let’s figure out how to do so.

hat to help hike instagram followers

Just to be brief,what do I mean?

1.Make your Instagram account google friendly-this can be done by using a unique but easy name,let your posts be easily found on other sites by highlighting best of your posts and advertising or sharing them in other social media.As it can be seen below

Protip:Give lots of thought to what you say on social media.Be professional in your approach and use acceptable language at all times because the internet never forgets you.

2.Create and promote your hashtags-hashtags have been present since 2007 on social media platforms to cluster points with a similar theme .For you to use rememberable hashtags let them be trending , short or long as  convenient  to your recipients ( so you have to perform a test before making a decision on the ones you will oftenly be of use to you) .#s go in hand with captions and I have talked in large as my fifth point.

A good example is SAFARICOM’s #TWAWEZA

Hashtags helps your post to be easily found and remembered by non followers.

Promote them on your frequently used social media maybe 3-4 times in a day.

3.Use descriptive content-let your posts describe itself not you struggling to describe it by words.This can be via original quality pictures or videos instead of words.As it can be seen from blessed njugush account.

4.Be a productive member of a community-by you engaging with your followers ,reacting to likes and comments,following influencers,having a chat with them to influence your posts etc.

If you want to grow fast you need external help to be noticed on instagram and this can be done by:

  • Doing a shout out for shout out(s4s).In this strategy search for friends with influence and ask them to share your posts in exchange for sharing theirs.
  • Buying shoutouts-its basically paying a per post fee to an account with massive following for mentions.

Protip:Your feed is your social media ‘CV’which brands use to determine whether to hire you or not as an influencer.A good Instagram presence means  consistent ,tasteful photo posts and captions .The bigger your portfolio  the bigger your chances.

5.+ compelling captions-to every post you make let their be a small attractive description.This can be done by :1.Putting important words in front 2.Asking a question 3.Try emojis 4.Try different caption lengths.For example:The hart love to smile

6.Run contests-ask people to follow,like or comment on posts


After you have seen a massive influx of followers you need a brand but if you have none worry not relax,and see these extra ways

Find sponsors-Be an influencer.

When this word comes to your mind what do you think of ‘a sugar daddy ‘enhe! that’s it.The product promotion trend is changing swiftly from physical advertisement to social advertisement. Once you have engaged followers, organizations are out there who wants there brands to be advertised.Reach them as Adam Maina did to Infinix Kenya,Sportpesa and unbelievable to Jeff Koinange and made a dummy sh.100,000 its that simple.If you are too shy to shout out loud join these 2 sites:

  • Tap influencer -is a very useful tool for Instagram creators who are looking for opportunities for sponsored posts.You create a profile that links you with your content and it’s AI machines helps to find brands interested in working with you invites you to the program.
  • ifluenz -is a tool that works to connect influencers to brands as both influencers and brands sign up in it.Task free, just sign up and wait for its email.

Be an influencer,make awareness of individual posts for a fee.

Protip:Actively reach out to brands you would like to work with.

Brands look for influencers whose Instagram style matches with their brand.As an influencer,let your feeds have creative and original posts,let your content bond with many brands for you to stand out.

Sell your photos

What do you do in Instagram?obvious ,sharing photos .Why can’t that be an entrepreneurial platform for you.Not only photographers are allowed to  do but also you.Just get your photos ready by capturing quality shots  and make them available for individual and organisations on your Instagram account making sure your account is public.

There is nothing easy doing,they may not be bought at first posting but don’t give up continue posting till they be bought.Remember to add your hashtags, captions and make them unique as possible because users crave visual content and are waiting to provide social validation to your photos.

Where can I sell my photos?

I think foap is the best platform.

Here is how it work:

1.You sign up

2.Build a profile

3.You create a portfolio of your best images that you would like to sell

4.You earn sh.500 for each image you sell.

Let’s get a quick overview of the sign up process.Click ‘sign up on the right menu tab’

Create an account by

either  using an email account or Facebook but be advised ,use your email account then activate by creating  a password in your email account via the message sent.

This will appear

Are you a photographer?Click on that arrow and after the next page loads scroll downwards till you reach this

Become a foaper by downloading the app and  you’ll be ready to sell your photos

Affliate marketing

Have you heard of this word,if not,it is a process of promoting other people’s products via special links in your social media accounts.Good news the markets are available in Kenya such as:Jumia,KILIMALL,kaymu etc and also available globally.

This being my best out of all the ways because I’ve seen it workable to even instagrammers with less followers.Just joining an affliate program/network filling the required fields ,copy ‘n’ paste the final URL given on your Instagram account.Isn’t that  ABC .Make sure your account is  public and you’ll receive commissions after your affiliate promoted products are bought from your links.

Some of the few companies you can work with are:

  • companies you can work with sign up be accepted ,promote and earn your commission.How you can sign up

On its background page click on’affliate sign up’

This👇page appears ,fill the required spaces,

If you are through, click👆

This 👇page appears,fill the required spaces

Hint:To fill the website field copy and paste your instagram link there or any of your social media URLs such as That’s my blog URL. After you are through click ==>move to step 3.

This 👇page appears, fill the blank spaces

After you’re through,click 👆move to step 4.

This page appears

After filling it click 👆move to step 5 as the last step(payment ) and you’ll be ready to go.

  • ebates-Earn $10 by finding and inviting friends who like deals and discounts.Simple sign up by using your Facebook  or gmail account.
  • Stylinity-as the word redefines the site.I regret of not being a fashionist.I could be making passive income just by posting on the site.Do you know anything about fashion?Try your lack,you never know what good may happen.

Sell your account

If you have no time for posting in your Instagram and making followers engaged due to your tight schedules sell it off and make a great fortune out of it.Some of the companies that buy and sell accounts are :Fameswap and viralaccounts .But don’t be in a hurry to do so,think twice before you leap.

Get these inspiring stories of students making it via instagram


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